EventsWhat losing my Job has Taught Me

What losing my Job has Taught Me

Losing your job is never easy, and it’s even more terrifying when you’re in the midst of a pandemic and it seems like the world is falling apart all around you. What was once a safety net has been pulled from beneath you and you’re thrusted back out to a sea that you haven’t had to swim in for a while.

This was how I felt when I was let go from my PR agency position back in April of this year. I was lucky and blessed enough to have had my job a bit longer than most especially once the state mandated quarantine took effect. Nevertheless the day my manager said that we would be meeting with HR, my gut already told me what was up. 

  1. Saving is as important as your parents make it seem – I’m no expert in the most effective savings methods, but I do know that no matter how small, saving a portion of your check not only is a good habit but a way for you to build up power. Power in a sense that if you end up being let go or wanting to quit to pursue your personal aspirations you are doing so at your prerogative.
  2. Find the positive – New projects you’ve been meaning to work on? Wanting to transition into a new industry? There is something that can be benefited from this. For me this has been a long time coming. As you guys may know or will learn, I’ve been working on music on the side from writing, taking music classes, performing in groups, learning about the business etc. For me the positive was relaxing that I had a new found time to pursue my goal of a music career
  3. It’s okay to slow down! – Although I was a new professional working in a traditional full time job for about a year and half, I’ve been heavily interning, volunteering and working pretty much entirely throughout my college years. If i was doing anything less than that I would feel guilty for not doing enough, these are habits I had to break and losing my job has taught me this. Recalibrating, getting rest, and clearing your mind is necessary and needed.
  4. There’s never the perfect time to pursue your goals – Planning is necessary, having the adequate tools and connections and resources as well, but if you’re waiting for the right moment to get started on a project or idea, that moment may never come.

These were just a few things losing my job has taught me, what has that experience taught you? Hit me up and share your experience, I’d love to hear!

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